Nail Techs and Textbooks

Starting your own business on a college campus isn’t easy. However it is easy if it is your passion. On the campus of Towson University in Maryland, there are many students that have hobbies that turned into businesses. And there are many nail technicians on Towson’s campus and their business is booming.

One of the most commonly known nail technicians on Towson’s campus is Angel Brown. Angel is a sophomore at Towson University who loves nails and everything about it. She lives in an on campus dorm, Tower A, and has her clients come to her dorm to get her amazing nail designs done.

Photo By: Angel Brown


She starts learning how to do nails in Fall 2017. Angel started to learned how to do nails in the Fall of 2017.

Her passion cam from painting and since she loved having her nails done, it all worked perfectly. When her two interested came together her business was bound to happen.

“I love getting my nails done and spent so much money on it. So I decided to love how to do nails myself to save so money,”said Angel.

Angel learned how to do nails from Youtube and practiced on her friends and herself. “Once my friends were coming back to me and telling me that people were asking where they got their nails done. I thought to myself and decided maybe I can make this into a business,”said Angel. And that is how it all began. With trial and error by her second year at Towson University she has up to 15 regular clients and her schedule is booked for the rest of the Spring 2019 semester.

Acrylic Nails with Gel and Ombre Design. Photo By: Angel Brown

Angel specializes in fingernails only and practices acrylic, gel, and polish. “ I get more clients that want gel or acrylic. Polish is not popular anymore,”said Angel.

P.S. The difference between acrylic and gel is that gel last longer then and acrylic. Also, gel has to use a machine that uses a UV light to harder the polish. Gel is better for nails, as well. Acrylic is most used with tips, which is glue on to the nail to make a persons nail any length they would like. Gel can also be put on top of acrylic.

“Most of my clients ask for gel on top of their acrylic nails to have a long last polish on their nails,”said Angel.

Acrylic Nails with Gel Photo By: Angel Brown


Angel has mastered many designs such as flowers, ombre, and gems on the nail. “Most of my clients ask me to free hand the design. However, my favorite design to do is ombre I love mixing colors and blending it is fun and challenging,”said Angel.

Angel is a full time student that has her own business at the age of 20. Having her hobby turn into a business was not a chore due to her two passion colliding into one.

Angel Brown has an Instagram profile , called Grippers Galore, and uses her profile to show her previous designs and work. To book appointments you can messages Angel on her instagram nail page.




One thought on “Nail Techs and Textbooks”

  1. Nice interview and good photos. There are several typos and other errors, however, such as “Her passion cam[e] from painting” and “When her two interested [interests].” Try to catch those things in your next post. 4 pts


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